Quick Thoughts on EOY Exam

Quick thoughts by the class after checking the scripts on 28 October 2011 (Friday) on
- What I've done well?
- What I could have done better?

Many commented on the topics that you did well or did not. Among the topics that were cited to be pretty manageable were arithmetic topics like Percentage, Area and Angles, which were not surprising. However, it was also heartening to see that some cited topics like Algebra! In fact, on the whole, your class did pretty well in questions on Algebra :)

In actual fact, from the result analysis, the teachers are able to identify areas that you did or did not do well.

What matters more... is your reflection in terms of your effort and understanding of the concepts, as well as the mastery skills and strategies in tackling mathematical problems.
  • Time management is one exam skills that some of you pointed out, that needs to be improved on. Recall how many of you remember to scan the questions before penning down your answers for the first question? Did you notice that the questions are not always from the "easy to difficult" order?
  • Attention to details is another area highlighted by some, being careless and losing marks unnecessary. For instance, did you read the instruction to that says "4-digit number"? did you indicate the correct units? 
  • Clear explanation is one area that many did not demonstrate in your working during the exam. While you are able to explain your thoughts clearly in the viva voce performance task, you did not transfer the same approach in writing out your answers. Many did not bother to explain how you 'assemble' the string of numbers to form an arithmetic expression or alegbraic equation. Expressions and equations have no meaning unless you provide the context to the reader/ marker to guide their thoughts and understand what you mean.
Hope that these feedback serve as helpful tips for your future attempts.

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