Viva Voce Stuff by Wang Yi Chieh


I face challenges in making the keynote to allow the person watching the clip to understand what the question and my statements are about. I am not really a person into IT stuff so I face problems like that. Hence, I think I can seek helps from my friends when needed to teach me the best way to present information clearly.

I also faced challenges in talking in a simple manner to allow a person who is of Primary five standards to understand it. I think I can improve on that by explaining more things to my fellow friends or even try to teach them math when needed to bring my viva voce skills to greater heights.

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  1. Part (i):
    You have explained clearly how the equation is formed.
    However, instead of describing it as 'shifting', you should add on to describe how you 'shift' and why - to add "-3" to both sides of the equation so that the equation remains balanced yet you are able to 'remove' the numerical value on the LHS of the equation.

    Part (ii): You have given the correct formula and also mentioned about substituting the x value into the equation to find the numerical values of length and breadth.
    However, while the screen shows cm^2, you were reading it as cm^3. So, what's exactly the unit?
    The unit should be read as "square cm" or "cubic cm".

    Part (iii): You have explained that due to the conversion 1 m = 100, that's why divide it by "100x100". Good.
    However, note that the numerical answer in the clip is incorrect. It should be 0.023m^2