Math Viva Voce Question 3 (Abhimanyu Arora, 09)

Part A

Part B
Learning Points: From this performance task, I have learnt that although solving a problem may be easy, but explaining it can be hard. We have to explain the solution with mathematical terms and concepts al well and every reasoning. We have to think before we say anything and make our explanation so simple that even a small child will understand.
Challenges: My main challenges were to keep my voice and slides in synchronisation, as I had done them separately and then joined them together. I also had trouble explaining using mathematical terms as normally, I would understand my solution using my own methods.

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  1. A very systematic and clear description of the strategies used.

    You've used systematic and logical guess-and-check method. However, will this method work well if you are given very huge numbers? How would you solve this type of problem then? Consider using Algebra.

    Answers presented are all correct.
    However, one point to note, when reading " cm^2 ", it should be read as "square centimetre".