Closure... Maths Class 2011

Dear S1-01

It's been a pleasure to be with you on your maiden learning journey in SST :)

In our attempt to make the learning experience more enriching and to bring out the "SST Flavour: Applied Learning with Technology use", several "new" approaches were introduced over the past few months. To name a few:
  • 6 AM Quiz
  • Mathematics in Real Life in Facebook
  • Story Marathon that bring a twist to the Red Riding Hood story
  • Assessment through Viva Voce (Practice & Performance task)
  • Outdoor Data Collection Mission (eLearning activity cum Performance Task)
  • Problem Solving related to real life (e.g. The Cornfield Corn, Which is a better deal in terms of magazine purchase?)
  • Hands-on activities like folding of rectangular sheets to learn about expansion
  • Short Quizzes before the major assessements
  • Group activities such as analysing the PSI values of different parts of Singapore at different times of the year
  • ...


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Inequalities (Worksheet) Challenge Yourself (Answers)

Quiz 8 (Ans) Problem Solving

Question 1

Let the smaller no. be x
The larger no. will be x + 2

x + 2 + 2x = 50
Solving, x = 16
Therefor the 2 numbers are 16 and 18.

Question 2

Given that Philip's age is x
Josh age is x/2
Emmy age is x/2 - 8

Given that sum of ages = 68
x + x/2 + x/2 - 8 = 68
Solving, x = 38

At present, Emmy's age = 11
In 5 years' time, her age will be 16 years old

Question 3

(a) Time = 120/x h

(b) Time = 60/x h

(c) Equation:
120/x - 60/x = 5/2
Solving, we get x = 24

Average speed of motorist from the return journey = 2x km/h (given in part (b))
So, substituting the value, Average speed = 2(24) km/h
which is 48 km/h

Chap 7 Geometry Worksheet 2: Angles & Parallel Lines

The following have submitted the worksheets (7 Oct 2011)
  1. [1] Mavis
  2. [2] Nina
  3. [3] Gladys
  4. [4] Ishani
  5. [5] Qianhui
  6. [6] Toby
  7. [7] Lovy
  8. [8] Sandy
  9. [9] Abhi
  10. [11] Yi De (submitted on 10 Oct)
  11. [12] Jonathan
  12. [13] Jiajun
  13. [14] Kai En
  14. [15] Wei Siew
  15. [16] Matthew
  16. [17] Ying Liang
  17. [18] Owen
  18. [19] Jia Qi (submitted on 10 Oct)
  19. [20] Ryan
  20. [22] Ruoyu
  21. [23] Yi Chieh
  22. ONE WORKSHEET without name

Chap 7 Geometry Worksheet 1: Angles & Parallel Lines

Worksheets received from ALL except the following (by 7 October):
  • [4] Ishani
  • [19] Jia Qi - submitted on 10 Oct

Chap 7 Geometry (Submission) Maths Graded Assignment

This assignment was issued to all in Term 4 Week 1.

For those who have not submitted -
Latest deadline for submission: 11 October 2011 (in Ms Loh's pigeonhole)
Remember to cite the angle properties in your working.

On top of that...
Worksheets 1 & 2 on Chapter 7 (Geometry)
For those who have not submitted -
Latest deadline for submission: 11 October 2011 (in Ms Loh's pigeonhole)
Remember to cite the angle properties in your working.

Algebra: Worksheet 9 - Challenge Yourself Q1

Challenge Yourself Question 1 (p8):
Write down a word problem such that the equation to be formed for solving the problem is 5x + 4(x - 10) = 140

Answers submitted by...
  • Gladys:
    • Sandy bought 5 carrots at $x and 4 lettuce at $(x-10). She spent a total of $140. How much did each carrot and lettuce cost respectively?
  • Nina:
    • Sam bought 5 apples and 4 oranges. The cost of an apple is $10 more than the cost of an orange. Sam gave $150 and received $10 from the cashier. 
    • {Note: The cost of apple & orange seem unrealistically high. Will have to set the context}
  • Ryan: 
    • A library has 140 books. Librarian Ariel is in charge of 5 shelves while Librarian Ben, in charge of 4 shelves but 10 books are missing from each shelf. How mnay books are there normally on 1 shelf
    • {Note: The assumption is all the shelves started off with the same number of books?}
  • Wei Siew: 
    • Farmer Ho has 5 times as many quails as farmer Kwek. Farmer Kwek has 3 times as amany chickens as quails. If farmer Kwek gives all his quails, chickens and 40 ducks to farmer Ho, farmer Ho would have 140 birds altogether. How many quails did farmer Kwek have at first?
Worksheets received from... (by 7 Oct 2011)
  1. [2] Nina
  2. [3] Gladys
  3. [5] Qian Hui
  4. [6] Toby
  5. [11] Yi De
  6. [12] Jonathan
  7. [13] Jiajun
  8. [15] Wei Siew
  9. [18] Owen
  10. [20] Ryan
  11. [22] Ruoyu

Math Viva Voce Question 3 (Abhimanyu Arora, 09)

Part A

Part B
Learning Points: From this performance task, I have learnt that although solving a problem may be easy, but explaining it can be hard. We have to explain the solution with mathematical terms and concepts al well and every reasoning. We have to think before we say anything and make our explanation so simple that even a small child will understand.
Challenges: My main challenges were to keep my voice and slides in synchronisation, as I had done them separately and then joined them together. I also had trouble explaining using mathematical terms as normally, I would understand my solution using my own methods.

Chap 10 Percentages: Which is a better deal? (I) National Geographic Magazines

The National Geographic magazine is known for its high quality photographs taken by the award-winning photographers. As a resource for budding photographers in SST, the Media Club teacher, Mr Fong is considering having the National Geographic magazines made available to students.

To make the purchase, he has to make a proposal to the department to justify that he has identified the best deal for the school. He could go to the newstand to buy the magazine every month or subscribe the magazine at the annual basis.

Below are the information available available.

Using the following format, help Mr Fong to put down his recommendation, together the necessary justifications for the best deal.

1. At the National Geographic Store, which is a better deal - To buy the magazine personally at the store or subscribe from the store? Why?

2. At the National Geographic Website, it charges $76 for 12 issues. How much does the subscriber pay for each issue? Is it giving a better or worse off deal compared to the store?

3. Based on the information at "EmitAsia",
(a) how much does one save for each issue if it is purchased through subscription?
(b) how much discount (in percent) does one actually save if purchased through subscription?

4. Put forward your recommendation.
E.g. We recommend Mr Fong to purchase personnal/ subscribe through the National Geographic Store/ Online subscription/ at the newstand because, by this mode of purchase because he is going to pay ..... (describe the amount he pays for each mode of purchase, hence do a comparison)

5. When making the comparisons, what challenges do you encounter?

Chap 10 Percentages: Which is a better deal? (II) Newsweek

The Newsweek magazine provides an overview of the happenings in the world in a weekly basis. The English department coordinator, Ms Zuraida, is considering making the copy available to the students.

To make the purchase, Ms Zuraida has to make a proposal to the department to justify that she has identified the best deal for the school. From the Newsweek website, she learnt that there are several options:

Click at the LINK to see more information.
At the subscription page, two options are offered: 1-year or 2-year subscription.

1. In the website, it was highlighted that one saves 62% by subscription. What is the price of a copy of the magazine available at the newstand?

2. Which is a better deal - the 1-year or 2-year subscription? Justify by how much would be saved if Ms Zuraida chose the better deal?

3. Without making comparsions of the price, which one - 1-year or 2-year subscription do you think people would normally go for? Why?

Chap 10 Percentages: Which is a Better Deal? (III)

Mr Yeo wanted to buy a portable hard-drive, Iomega Prestige (1TB) to store the multimedia productions by the students.

While he was surfing the Internet to look for a good deal, Mr Yeo chanced upon the eBrochure of the PC Show 2011 in June.

He exclaimed, "Oops! I missed a good deal!".

Next, Mr Yeo went to the Challenger Computer Store, site and found the same product but offering at a lower price!

(1) Mr Yeo is not a member of the Challenger Store. Find the percentage he saved, compared to another friend who bought the same device at the PC Show.

(2) If Mr Yeo decides become a member (at the point of payment) to enjoy the member's price. Find the percentage he saved, compared to buying at the PC Show.