S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 3- Mavis

Pictures of my worked solution while explaining in the clip :

S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection - Mavis
Through this performance task , I have met some challenges along the way. First of all, I have to identify and try each question to select the question that I feel that I am able to explain in a clearer manner. Also, I had learnt how to phrase my explanation clearly and concisely to bring across the main points of the process of solving the question. I have learnt that we have to explain one step at a time to the audience whom might not understand how do we arrive at each steps ad it is different from what how we say it to our peers. As a result of the time, I had to speak faster and I am worried that I might appear to be rushing through my explanation.

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  1. The strategy and approach to solve the problem is clear, and you have been consistently making reference to what was given in the question (e.g. for the given conditions to be true). Good.

    The conversion is also clearly explained, pointing out the fact that it derives from 100cm=1m.

    To read "cm^2", it should be "square centimetre".