S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 1

S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection
Learning points :
I learnt that it is not easy to express my working in words as the audience might not understand my way of solving the problem . While converting my working into words , i learnt to use more 'mathematical words' to express the working .

Challenges :
One of my challenges is that when i was taking the video , it was mirrored and could not be flipped .
Another challenge is that although i might know how to solve the problem, it is also a problem to change the working into words .


  1. Hello Ms Loh ,
    It seems that my video has been cut , how should I send you the full video ?


  2. Part (i): You have correctly pointed out that because of the fact that opposite sides of a rectangle are equal, we therefore can form an equation. Elaborate on "how" and "why" you need to move the terms around (it revolves around the idea of balancing equation).

    The explanation for Part (ii) and (iii) were 'cut off' in the videoclip that was copied to me.

    Based on the screenshot, the working is clear to show how you find the answer.
    However for Part (iii), to convert, it's not just dividing by 100. You'll have to take into consideration that it is an area, hence have to divide by 100 twice.
    Part (ii): The ex