S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 1

Part A:

Part B (Reflection) :
It was difficult trying to make my handwriting 'visible' in the video considering the fact that my Mac didn't have good definition... I managed to flip the video in iMovie though. I realized i actually had I calculation error at Part 3 so I had to redo that part. I think I talked abit fast especially when nearing the end of the video. I also had problems trying to make my video sound more 'professional' by using more terms. I was also hesitant on whether or not to go deeper into explaining algebraic terms in linear equations. So I just roughly explained using a more hopefully understandable method by adding two terms at the side.

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  1. (i) You have clearly articulated how the equation is formed, based on the fact that the opposite sides a rectangle are the same. The "transfer" could be better explained by saying describing the balancing of equation.

    (ii) cm^2 should be read as "square centimetre".
    The description of the process is clear, and you've used terms like "substitute" to describe the evaluation. Good.

    (iii) The conversion is very clearly explained, starting from the units. Good.