Maths Viva Voce Question 3:Poon Jia Qi

S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 3
S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection

Learning points
I have learnt that doing a question is easy, but explaining it is not! When you do a question, you only have to 'speak' in your mind, but when you explain, you have to make sure that the other person can understand it, which is extremely hard as some words/methods are hard to express.
I had some problems editing my video, as I had to time the different pictures according to the audio, and it takes up a lot of time. Also, to express some things in my head so that others can understand it was a bit of a challenge, as it is rather hard.

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  1. The strategy to solve the problem and the explanation are very clear; and you've applied problem heuristics to find the pairs of factors. However, if the number given is very huge, you would consider using algebra to help finding area of the black rectangle. The conversion of unit is very clearly and systematically explained, too. Good.

    When reading "cm^2", it should be read as "square centimetre".