Maths Viva Voce Question 2: Chan Shawn Kit

*Sorry, this is the link to my video on youtube, my blogger has some inefficiency.

Reflections: In this Performance Task, i realise that although solving a question may be easier, describing on how to solve it to another person is many times more difficult. Along with that, I had to talk a lot faster and clearer to get my message across. As such, to do a viva, one must fully understand the question and methods on how he or she solves it, following speaking in a clear and precise order. This has taught me to carefully solve the question with every step written, not skipping one such as to be able to explain it.

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  1. Part (i): The steps are very systematic and strategy is clearly explained and described. You have regularly made reference to the information when you describe how you arrive at the equation. Good.

    Note, "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre".

    Part (ii): The steps and the thinking behind the conversion were also very clearly explained. Good.

    Your vocal description was very clear. To improve, pace your talking - slow down a bit more.