Maths Viva Voce-Question 1(Wang ruoyu)

From this mini performance task, I learnt that explaining your questions is not that easy,sometimes,you just can't turn your thoughts into words.
Most of the challenges i faced was technical difficulties such as the audio,i also faced a little bit of problem when trying to solve the question it self during the balancing part as i am not too sure which is the right way.
Overall ,this has been a fun performance task to me and i enjoyed explaining.

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  1. Part (i): Very clearly stated upfront that it's a fact that opposite sides of a rectangle are equal, hence resulted the equation. You have also clearly pointed out that to solve an equation, we have to balance it when solving. You could have further elaborate on how you balance the equation, i.e. the step before arriving at 7+3=3x-2x.

    Part (ii): You have also pointed out we must apply the fact that area of rectangle = length x breadth. Good 'reminder' to the viewer that the unit is "cm" since we usually 'drop' the units in the working. Good choice of mathematical terms used.

    Note: Reading the units, "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre"

    Part (iii): You are right that 1 cm = 100 cm. To convert length from cm to m, we can just divide by 100. However, now you are converting "area", which will require you to divide by 100 twice. Answer should be 0.023 m^2