Maths Viva Voce Question 1: Toby Gail

My VivaVoce Video.
Sorry for later submission, had to re-upload quite a few times as there was a repeated error.

This is the question i did, just for reference purposes...

If the video doesn't work, click here instead.

Kindly go full screen or expand it on youtube if too small to read/watch. :D Please turn up the volumes slightly louder, im soft.

Although this vivavoce performance task seemed to look easy, in actual fact, it was quite difficult. I had to think very thoroughly on how to explain every step. Although the question was pretty easy to do, it was a challenge to convert my thoughts into words. I learnt that in order to convey my thoughts well, i could not be hasty, i had to think of every single detail.
Secondly, i took around 2 minutes to decide on what platform to use. I decided that filming would still be best, as it will be easier for the viewer to understand as it is also easier for me to explain.
Another challenge i found was that i had to make sure the visuals were visible and understandable. I took time to write down the workings with details, and set my camcorder angle perfectly on the tripod and zoom in just enough. I even had to adjust the lighting of my camcorder's flash by putting pieces of scotchtape in front, as i was casting shadows onto the foolscap. (i was running out of time as the battery time was draining fast. D': )
Lastly, sorry for poor video quality. (haha)

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  1. Part (i): You have clearly explained how you arrived at the equation. Excellent explanation on how you solve the equation (the balancing 'act').

    Part (ii): The substitution of values to find the numerical values is very clearly explained. Well done!
    Note: When reading the unit " cm^2 " should be read as "square centimetres", similiarly for "m^2".

    Part (iii): The conversion is very clearly explained. Yes, you can put it down as 1 cm x 230 cm to help doing the conversion much easier. Good!