Maths Viva Voce Question 1: Lee Kai En

Learning points

I learnt to not leave my work to the last minute even though it might be easier to complete as in this assignment, even though the questions are quite easy to solve, I had problems trying to do the explanation of my solution to the question.I also learnt to apply past knowledge like algebra techniques.


The challenges I faced were having to record while my grandmother was watching the television with my brothers, finding a way to explain clearly what my solution was all about so that the viewers can understand what i had written and my method of solving it.And, another challenge is to find ways to edit my video so that it can be improved.

1 comment:

  1. Part (i): You have clearly explained how you arrive at the equation. When solving the equation, you could have described "why" and "how" you move the "x" to one side and the "value" to the other.

    Part (ii): You are right to say that we can use any of the length. Also, you have highlighted that you use "substitution". Good. For the units, instead of saying " cm^2 " as "centimetre square", it should be read as "square centimetre". Similarly, for " m^2 ". Also, avoid using ->

    Part (iii): You have explained why the need to divide by 100 (due to the conversion). Yes, this part is clearly explained.