Maths viva voce question 1 [Ishani, 04]

From this performance task, I learnt that explaining solutions isn't that easy especially when your objective is to make it simpler for people to understand.
Most of the challenges I faced was technical difficulties such as the audio as my voice wasn't audible and my hand kept on shaking as I took the video. There were also distractions as sounds from the neighbors.
In overall, I enjoyed making this although there were a lot of challenges in the way.

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  1. Part (i): You are correct that given the algebraic expressions of the 2 lengths, we can find the unknown... however, we cannot say that can "interpret" from the "video". It should be from the "rectangle or diagram given". Having formed the equation, you have not explained "how" and "why" you move the terms before arriving at the final answer.

    Part (ii): " cm^2 " should be read as "square centimetre". The substitution and evaluation of the length & breadth is very clearly explained.

    Part (iii): You have 'jump straight' to 1m^2 = 10000cm^2. How did you arrive at that? Need to explain.