Maths Viva Question 3

Part B
Reflection of Learning Points and Challenges

I learnt that explaining as a teacher is very hard as it is hard to explain something new to someone that doesn't know. It is the same as teaching a new language. We have to make the details easily digestible too. I have alot of challenges like technical problems and i had a flu, so i had to bear with it while recording and thus making it twice the difficulty. My technical problems are to embed the video in this blog as the uploading is very slow.

Lastly, if the video is bad... it is greatly because of my flu, Sorry :'( .

Owen here.

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  1. The approach is systematic, and you attempted to provide the rationale of why you carry out certain steps (which includes citing the formula). The explanation was clear.

    The conversion is clearly explained, too.

    Note that the unit "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre".