Maths Viva Voce Question 1: Jonathan Foo

Part A:

Part B:

Learning Points
From this experience of this performance task, I have learnt not to leave my work to the last minute and rush everything at the eleventh hour. I also learnt that even though it can be very easy to do the question, putting the explanation into words for others to understand is much tougher.

I faced quite a number of challenges in this performance task. The one by far the worst and most difficult challenge was that I did not have my learning device to do this performance task, so I had to use my computer at home which was Windows, and I have grown unaccustomed as to how to use Windows after using the learning device for all this time. I had to use Windows Movie Maker to create my video and I also found that challenging as I was used to using iMovie for creating my videos. The next thing was my time management. I had the I&E camp on thursday and friday, so that took up 2 full days and by the time I reached home, I was too tired to do any of my homework. I forgot all about the performance task until today, and so had to rush to complete it.

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  1. Part (i): You have clearly described how you arrive at the equation. When solving the equation, you "move" the terms with variables to one side and constants to the other. However, you did not explain "how" you do it and "why".

    Part (ii): You have clearly shown that no matter which algebraic expression we used for length, we would still get the same value. Good. When reading terms, " cm^2 " should be read as "square centimetre".

    Part (iii): You have described clearly how you convert the units from cm^2 to m^2.