Math Performance Task - Viva Voce (Sandy Khoo)

First of all, I submitted this late as I was having some technical difficulties before. Sorry.

Reflections :
Viva voce always have been a problem for me as I always have a hard time to explain to people clearly. Though this problem was very easy, it was the explaining part that makes the task a whole lot tougher. I have learned to properly assess the whole problem and using mathematical terms to explain how did I do the problem. My voice and idea must be clear to address the problem. The reason I used screen record as it will be clear for the listeners to see and hear instead of filming where the camera will be moving. It was an enjoyable time to convey my thoughts into words and visuals and it was fun overall.

1 comment:

  1. Part (i): You have clearly explained how you arrived at the equation, and pointed out that we need to move all the "like" terms to one side of the equation. Good. You could further describe how to 'bring' the like terms to one side, e.g. by adding "7" to both sides to balance the equation.
    You are also right to say that the "x is equal to 7" though on the slide you put down "7=x". Remember to rewrite so that "x=7".

    Part (ii): The answer is correct. On the other hand, need to note that " cm^2 " should be read as "square centimetre" instead of "cm square".

    Part (iii): As it's area, you'll need to convert the length and breath, hence, it should be dividing by "100" twice. Answer should be 0.023 cm^2.