What's Wrong? Q8 (Type 2)

Describe what's wrong with the working and/or answer.
Suggest how it should look like.


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  2. (3w)^2 - 2(12w) + (4)^2 ≠ (3w-8)^2
    = (3w-4)^2

    Owen and shawn kit. Btwfyi

  3. a is 3w
    b is 4
    he should put it as (a-b)^2, which is (3w-4)^2
    and not simplify 4x2

  4. The final answer should be (3w-4)^2.

  5. Whats wrong: There is a transition error.

    How should it look like: (3w)^2-2(12w)+(4)^2
    = (3w-4)^2

    Sandy and Ruoyu

  6. M4®k †å¥ & Yi De8/17/2011 08:14:00 AM

    The first step was wrong at first, but then written over to be corrected. But in the final answer, there was a transfer error as the person probably got confused by his/her own correction, therefore writing down the wrong answer.

  7. Qian Hui & Mavis8/17/2011 08:14:00 AM

    The final is wrong as the person corrected his mistake in the first step but he did not make the respective correction to the final answer.

    Final answer : (3w-4)^2

  8. Yi Chieh,Kai En, Jiajun says.....

    There is a transfer error. (3w-8)^2 should be (3w-4)^2. The number 4 was not transferred properly.

  9. Matthew and Wei Siew8/17/2011 08:16:00 AM

    The working is correct however, the answer is wrong. it should have been (3w - 4)^2. He could have thought that "8 x 2" instead of "4^2" then he found out his mistake and changed it but forgot to change his answer.

    9w^2 -24w + 16
    = (3w)^2 = 2(12w) + (4)^2
    = (3w - 4)^2