(T3W10) Worksheet 7 Classwork 3

Attempt the questions in the Worksheet, complete with proper working.
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  1. Ms Loh, the second question i think got problem leh :/ Like why is there even 3 different terms?
    -Lovy (Lazy to sign in to Blogger)

  2. @Lovy

    You are referring to this question(?)
    (2) Factorise: 8x^2 - xy - 7y^2

    There are 3 terms. Did you notice that the middle term has both "x" and "y"?

    Instead of just a constant, we have 7y^2.
    So, now consider how we can write 7y^2 as a product of 2 factors (y and 7y)?

    You may refer to the post (examples) just before this task:
    (T3W10) Algebra: Factorisation (Quadratic Expressions involving more than one variable)