20110709: Weekend Preparation for the week ahead

For this weekend...

(1) The 6AM "dimsum" is already published... Note the hint... one of the ways to digest this 'dish'

(2) On your own @ AceLearning:
  • 6 lessons were selected for your viewing - largely a preview of what's "on the way".
  • 2 Algebra Quizzes. These are graded. Pen down the questions and attempt them in your Maths notebook first. This is a way to capture more examples for practices.
(3) As mentioned to the class, one more Pop Quiz coming on Monday... related to the worksheet that was marked & returned yesterday. For those who submitted on Friday (), please pick up your marked copies from your class pigeonhole on Monday morning.

(4) Remember to bring your Textbook, Notebook, Calculator & Worksheets for your lesson.

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