Algebra: Who is right: Antonio, Benedict or Celine?

Antonio claims, " (a+b)^2 is always greater than a^2 + b^2 "
Benedict thinks, " Sometimes "
Celine says, " No! "

Now who is right?

You have been assigned the role of Antonio, Benedict and Celine.
You are going to tell people why you make the claims or think in such a manner:
  • If you are Antonio, give examples to tell people that U are correct about your claim. 
  • Benedict sits on the fan. If you are Benedict, tell people why you think so?
  • Celine claims that (a+b)^2 cannot be greater than a^2 + b^2. If you are Celine, then you have to tell people why you think in this manner.

We will use a spreadsheet (i.e. NUMBERS) to help us.
Approach, we are going to substituting "a" and "b" with a range of numbers to "prove" our point.
Remember, one set of number is not enough to prove that what you say is always true. You will need to test it out with several sets of numbers.

  • Set the headings for: a, b, a^2, b^2, a^2+b^2, a+b, 2ab 
  • Apart from a and b, use "formula" feature in the spreadsheet to help you compute the numbers.
Try this... and we'll discuss using the spreadsheet in the next lesson

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