20110715 Algebra: Demonstrating Expansion with Area of Rectangles/ Squares


Each of you has been assigned the question on the "Square paper".

You are going to explain how to evaluate the expression using the area of rectangles.
  • Fold the paper and draw lines to illustrate how the expression is represented on the square paper.
  • Label the lengths of each side of the square clearly.
  • Shade the area of the section that the expression represents.
  • Find the area of each section on the paper clearly.
  • Write down, clearly, at the back of the paper, steps on how you find the area of the section that represents the expression
Submitting your work
  • Take a photo of your work and post it in this Maths blog
  • Title of Post: Expansion - Explanation with Area of Square (Question no.)
  • Label: Algebra, Rectangle
  • Deadline: 24 July 2011 (Sunday) 2359h

Q1: Shawn Kit, Wei Siew*, Sandy*
Q2: Jia Jun, Ishani, Ruoyu
Q3: Ryan*, Toby, Ying Liang, Yi Chieh*
Q4: Mavis*, Matthew*, Abhi*, Yi De*
Q5: Nina*, Jonathan*, Qian Hui*
Q6: Gladys, Jiaqi, Lovy
Q7: Owen*, Kai En, Mark


  1. Ms Loh,

    I forgot to bring back the square paper, but I did it already.... Should I make a new square or should I wait until Monday?


  2. @Mark

    You can make a new square... as of the question, can check out Owen's or Kai En's post as three of you are doing the same question :)

  3. ms loh! i lost my maths square and wanted to copy the question from gladys and jiaqi to redo another one but both of them havent posted theirs yet even though its like alr 1am? And both of them are not online now to ask them...