Viva Voce: Question 4

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  1. Sorry the top part got cut off when i upload it to Youtube!

  2. Everything is ok other than the video being cut off.
    Presentation 2/2
    Mathematical 1/1
    Explanation must be clear 3/3
    Understanding of concepts 2/2
    Accuracy of answer 2/2

  3. Presentation : 2/2
    Reason: The video was clear and showed the question.

    Mathematical Terms: 1/1
    Reason : He gave good terms like volume' and 'cm cube'

    Explanation of working/solution must be clear: 3/3
    Reason: He explained all the working clearly and told the answer at the end.

    Understanding of concepts: 2/2
    Reason: He knew what he was talking about.

    Accuracy of answer: 2/2
    Reason: ALL CORRECT ;D

  4. (Mathematical terms: 1)

    (Explanation/Organization: 3)

    (Understanding of concepts: 2)

    (Accuracy of answer: 2)

    (Presentation: 1) Your volume and clarity were really good, but as I learnt from my viva voce, using paper isn't really good to present your answers.

  5. 1. It's a good idea to show us the question first.

    2. The explanation to on how to find the volume represented by 1 part is clear :)

    3. For part (c), you have pointed out one key point, i.e. the volume of water is the same. Good :)

    4. The explanation of how to find the volume of alcohol added is very clear. To improve further, instead of just saying "minus", you can say, we find the "difference" between the original and the new volumes of alcohol.

    5. You have also quickly summarise all the answers at the end of the recording. Good practice.

    6. The unit is to be read as "cubic centimetres" instead of "c""m" "cube"

    7. The visuals could be clearer (e.g. using darker ink?)