(Viva Voce) Chap 9 Exercise 9 Question 8

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I screwed up the last part...


  1. Presentation: (1)
    Mathematical terms: (0)
    Explanation of working/solution (2)
    Understanding of concepts (1)
    Accuracy of answer: (2)
    Comments: Actually should show paper while writing to let the reader understand better... not showing at the end because do not know where are you talking at.
    Owen here doing same qn.

  2. Presentation [1] - The working was a bit blurry. The speaking was a little blurry

    Mathematical Terms [1]

    Explanation of working/solution must be clear [2]-

    Understanding of concepts [2]

    Accuracy of answer [2]

  3. 1. It's a good idea to inform the viewer the 'scenario' in the question first.

    2. Explanation of (a) is very clear.

    3. You have elaborated you understanding about petrol consumption rate. Very good :)

    4. Your explanation to Part (c) is very systematic and clear, informing the viewer what's expected in the subsequent working.

    5. Check out the background when taking pictures. Perhaps we could have the solution cover the entire screen when you snap the photo :)

  4. LOL i wanted to take a full picture of the paper but in the end i used the paper to cover my face >< okok i will take note of that the next time i do Viva voce and should I show the working on my paper while I write? Also, the next time i do viva voce must the video be all at one go? As I redid this about 10+ times just to get a full run video

  5. @Lovy:

    You can break it into parts and have it in part (a), (b), (c), etc... if it's not too much of the trouble.

    From what your classmates have submitted (and you've viewed some of them), I guess you may wish to consider showing working - it's ok to write as you say, or have all written out first. :)