Viva Question 4



  1. (Mathematical terms: 0) In some cases, you said stuff like "minus away" instead of "subtract from", and other more layman versions of the actual terms.... (sorry) :(

    (Explanation of working/Organization: 3)

    (Understanding of concepts: 2)

    (Accuracy of answer: 2)

    (Presentation: 1) You stuttered quite a lot in the video, and it made it slightly unclear.

  2. Presentation : 1/2
    Reason: The video quality was not that good, however explanation was clear. Voice was also very clear.

    Mathematical Terms: 1/1
    Reason : He gave good terms like 'variable is constant' and 'cm cube'

    Explanation of working/solution must be clear: 2/3
    Reason: He did not talk about the primary question. However the working was well explained.

    Understanding of concepts: 2/2
    Reason: He knew what he was explaining and did it in a knowledgeable way.

    Accuracy of answer: 2/2
    Reason: ALL CORRECT ;D

  3. Presentation: 2/2 (Flow is good. Type while explaining.)
    Mathematical Terms: 1/1 (Watch out for minus away, etc. but got some good math terms)
    Explanation: 2/3 Good job explaining. Maybe less stuttering
    Accuracy: 2/2
    Understanding: 2/2

    9/10! :D

  4. 1. You have pointed out clearly pointed out the need to find out how much 1 unit of the solution represents.

    2. Note when explaining, it was mentioned "water is 4 units". It should be "the volume of water is represented by 4 units". Similarly, "Water is 480 cm cube" should be "The volume of water is 480 cubic centimetres".

    3. You have attempted to tell us that the volume of water has not changed, so you used the word "Constant". Good. However, you should not add the word "variable behind". This will contradict ~ is it a "constant" or a "variable"? You can consider saying, "Volume of water is a constant".

    4. When you mentioned, "the volume of water does not change but the unit changes", it would be clearer to say "the volume of water does not change but the number of units changes". Otherwise, someone who's not too clear may be confused over the term "unit" (e.g. measurement unit like cubic centimetres).

    5. Instead of saying 3 units is equal to 480 cm^3. It might be more appropriate to say "3 units represents 480 cm^3".

    6. In the last part, you brought in the "original" amount, which explains why the need to minus. Would be good to use the term "difference", which leads to subtracting the volume :)

    7. The volume should be read as "cubic centimetres" instead of "c""m" "cube".

    8. It's an interesting attempt that you tried to explain while typing the text. Not sure if it takes up too much time or not? If it does, you may want to consider having the steps keyed in/ written first :)

    9. To improve the visual further, increase the font size. Else, the viewer is unable to see.