Title: (Viva Voce) Chap 9 Exercise 9 Question 2

average speed= total distance/total time

(a) distance=60Km
     time=45 min
    average speed=60÷3/4

(b)distance= 72 Km
    time= 1h 20min
           = 1/1/3
   average speed= 72÷1/1/3
                         = 54Km/h

(c) ratio
   80:54 ÷ 2


  1. 1. You have stated upfront that we need to find the average speed to set the context. You also inform the viewer the information (e.g. time and distance) given in the question. Good.

    2. Tell us why 45 min is "also equal to three quarter hour", i.e. how you convert it? Similarly, will need to tell us why 1 h 20 min is also equal to "one and one third hour".

    3. You have clearly mentioned dividing by 2 to get the simplified ratio. Good :)

    4. Need to double check the visual... it's a mirror image. Please check with your other classmates.

    5. Also note the background noise? Good to choose a quieter place/ time to do the recording.

  2. Wei Siew

    Good to practise a couple of more times and do the recording when you find the thoughts flow more smoothly.

    Keep up with the effort :)