Order of the Onions Stem and Leaf Diagram (PSI)

October 2005
Mode: 28, 46
Mean: 38.0 (3 SF)
Median: 34

October 2010
Mode: 39
Mean: 44.8 (3 SF)
Median: 40

Our conclusion is that the air quality in October 2005 is better than October 2010. The air quality has worsened over the years.
By: Ryan, Ruoyu, Jiajun


  1. Yes, agreeable - when we do a comparison over the same month (Oct).

    The trends seem consistent for all three averages: Mean, Median & Mode

  2. Now, make a comparison to the March (2005 & 2010) data done by the other team members.
    Do you think your earlier conclusion still stands?