7 April (Task 1) Chap 16: Review of Homework

Task was given on 6 April 2011 (Wednesday):

(1) Use of learning device after class
Recently, some parents expressed their concerns over their children spending long hours with their learning device after class. To verify the situation situation, a survey was conducted in classes to gather some preliminary information.

Below shows the number of hours S1-01 students spent with their learning devices (or home computer) after class. 
Note that there are only 22 data points because Matthew was absent.

If findings by the school shows that students who spend more than 9 hours with the learning device need to be 'counselled', how many percent of the class would be involved?

What you should have done in your notebook:

1. Present the set of raw data in a frequency table:

2. Percentage of students involved to be counselled:
Number of students who spend more than 9 hours with the learning device = 2
Percentage = 9.1% (correct to 2 significant figures)

(2) Ace Learning Quiz "Chap 16: Histogram Quiz 2"
The following have not attempted the Quiz at the Ace Learning
  1. Shawn Kit
  2. Gladys
  3. Lovy
  4. Yi De
  5. Ishani
  6. Qian Hui
  7. Mark
  8. Toby
For the above, the quiz has been 're-opened' until today 7 April 2355h.

Please find out from your group members what was discussed in class on Wednesday and attempt the Quiz in Ace Learning.