7 April 2011: Tasks for the Day

What we did yesterday:
  • How to present data in a Frequency Table?
  • How to draw information out from the Frequency Table?
What are we going to do today?

Task 1[5 min]: Review the Homework ~ S1-01's use of Learning Device after class

Task 2 [30 min]: Mean, Median & Mode
  • (a) An Introduction to learn what are they? [Do in AceLearning]
  • (b) A Summary of what they are. Applying what you know in a class problem. [Post under comments]
Task 3 [10 min]: Explain what you understand by median [Post under comments]

Task 4 [Remaining time]: Homework
Continue with the Handout questions (photocopied from textbook/workbook).
  • Question 7: A survey investigates the number of hours that a person surfs the Internet....
  • Question 8: In a factory, the lifetime of each of 30 dry batteries...