2011, 28 April: Home Joy... (for today and the weekend)

1. Algebra Worksheet 3: Attempt the worksheet
For those who are able to finish and submit by this week, please pass the worksheet to Abhi tomorrow before dismissal.
For those who need more time to do, please hand in by next Tuesday before morning assembly.

2. Preparation for Common Test - Quizzes
Short quizzes (5min) will be conducted next week for 3 topics:
(i) Tuesday (TCS, 5 min): Chap 1 - Factors and Multiples
(ii) Wednesday (during lesson, 5 min): Chap 2 - Real Numbers
(iii) Thursday (during lesson, 5 min): Chap 3 - Approximation & Estimation

3. An Assignment worksheet will be issued tomorrow.
Deadline - next Tuesday (3 May)

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