Reflection: About my Maths Learning in Term 1

It's been 10 weeks that we are in this Maths Classroom... we have covered 3 topics... we have tried a range of learning activities...

Let's recall and reflect ...
  1. Share one or more things that you like about the Maths lessons, and you hope to continue seeing it happening in Term 2?
  2. What are your challenges when learning the concepts and mastering the skills in Chapter 1 & Chapter 2?
  3. Name one or more things that would help you learn better.


  1. 1.I like it when we are working as a group together

    2.My challenges are i cannot work well as individual when solving sums and when waking up at 6am to do the quiz

    3.I would work better if there are more group work

  2. 1. I like the parts when we can present and explain our answer, and also group discussions to solve complex problems.
    2. Difficulty waking up for the 6am quiz.
    3. More group works and more field trips to make what we learnt applicable in real life.

    Change the 6am quiz to 7am or 8am quiz...

  3. 1. I like the math assignments that have tier a, b and c and i hope that it would continue in term 2.
    2.It is too fast and confusing.
    3.More assignments with tier a, b and c would help me learn better

  4. Chan Shawn Kit3/10/2011 10:53:00 AM

    1) I liked the activities while learning the maths topics, such as the number line where we gathered in a group and organised the cards, computed the number line and made the video. I also wish to see this next term.

    2) The challenging part was understanding what are the different kinds of maths classified such as real/ natural numbers. Such as in number lines where these will be used, it was a little difficult keeping track of the topics.

    3) More practice online/ on paper or reading materials

  5. 1. I like the group discussions and when we had to 'fight' to answer the question to earn group points.
    2. The challenges are that I usually have to read and reread the information that the teacher has written to fully understand the concept .
    3. More examples would help.

    I hope that the 6am quiz can change to a 7am or 8am quiz.

  6. 1. I like the daily applications Ms Loh tell us as it allows us to know why do we study that topic and when can we use them.

    2. Lack of understanding... :(

    3. Read the textbook regularly to improve understanding :DD

  7. 1. I hope to see more use of Facebook (Mathematics is real life)and 6am quiz
    2.Be early for 6AM quiz
    3.Group work as i can share and ask questions from my friends

  8. 1. I like the group activities in about the Maths lessons,and the groups coming up to the board to write answers to the math questions.

    2. My challenges will be that I just can't master the skills and i think that more practise will help.

    3. I think continuing the 6AM QUIZ will help me to WAKE UP EARLIER and UTILIZE MY TIME for my studies.

  9. 1.Usage of Numbers(© APPLE©)
    2.the types of number groups??(I'm confused with the names)
    3.Much more unique 6am quizzes.
    the Class Test is quite so~so. :/

  10. 1. I like the inter-class competition when our groups share our experience and team up against other groups.

    2.I felt,sometimes, forgetful about the concepts and forgotten what to do.Mastering skills also can get difficult too when you do not practice much.

    3.I think the 6am quiz and the group work which including intergroup competition.Also,the math grp in fb also helps us to share our knowledge with other classes.I think we may need more test to adapt into the environment of the examination.

    FYISF Owen.

  11. 1. I like the time when we had to go up to the board and write down the solution of the problem sums and hope that it will continue.
    2. Problem from waking up 6am in the morning for the quiz.
    3. Having more problem sums and a better environment will help me learn better

    ~Kai En~

  12. 1.I like doing group work and winning point together.I also like to spam the Mathematics in Real Life FB Group because I can discuss with students from other classes too :D
    2.I only manage to master a topic only when I have moved on to the next and I am always slower then the rest.
    3.To overcome that,I always make sure that I understand fairly well the concepts being taught if not i would ask the teacher,if not I will ask Owen or just some other Maths Pro in class to explain to me.Worst case worse I have to ask seniors...

    Lovy Lim

  13. I like the group work of the math lesson. And I hope to have more practices in term 2.
    The challenges I faced was that I couldn't grasp the concept well.

    Group work.
    Im Yi De

  14. 1. I liked the group work and group discussions and the many activities for example the snack party! :D

    2. Sometimes the topic ends suddenly and we start on a new topic immediately.

    3. MORE group work! :D MAYBE some FIELD TRIPS? :D

  15. 1. I like it when we work as a group to solve questions and learn together.

    2.There was quite a gap between the primary school math and secondary school math. I was lost for a short while before I picked up.

    3. No 6am quiz, more interesting mini-quizes and more groupworking.


  16. 1.I like the application to real life on facebook, online quizzes( but not the 6am one) and the group work. The use of online homework is quite good too.
    2. I think that when I first started learning the new topics, I struggled because I am not very used to it. I also felt that secondary life was a bit busier, but easier at other times.
    3. I think that more real life examples would help too. :D

  17. + on I want the quizzes at 12 p.m. and BTWFYI i'm Ishani

  18. 1. I like the fun activities, the games and the videos during the Maths lessons. I hope to continue the games, fun activities, the videos and the quizzes. I think that the challenges are also very interesting.

    2. My challenges are that I need to revise again in order to fully understand and remember the concepts.

    3.The 6 am quiz should be continued as I find it very motivating for me to wake-up early.


  19. 1.I like the group activities in the Maths lessons and hope to see it more in Term 2 (the current group)

    2.Since the badminton tournament, it was pretty difficult catching up with the class in the square root and cube root. The topics such as natural numbers etc. were all very difficult to grasp.

    3.I would like to learn my topics and foundation better.

    I think that the maths test was not very difficult but that I made many careless mistakes. (eg, for question 6(b) The answer i got was... but I changed it and got the wrong answer.)

    Also I would not like to have the 6 a.m. quiz anymore as I feel that it is a chore just waking up early in the morning just doing it and it also affects us (teenagers) sleep.


  20. MAC SPICY RULES~~~ :D and MORE Facebook Discussions(we have a huge response for that!:P)

  21. 1. The different hands on activity for each chapter/ topic. The activities unable us to learn from different mistakes that people usually make. The interesting activities like the mind readers
    2. The challenges are not understanding the concepts well.
    3 The maths assignment has interesting question which requires lots of thinking.

  22. Mark :) :( :'( (^^^) :D :O :42: O:) :p 3:)3/10/2011 11:00:00 AM

    1. I like the groups idea because it gives us a drive to get the question quickly before the others get it. It also gives a fun element to the subject.

    2. I find it slightly hard to do because to me the primary school math is primitive to secondary school math. So for me its quite hard to take in all that stuff.

    3. More gradual difficulty for homework? To let us get used to the topic. Maybe.

  23. 1. The important rules and examples that we noted down in the Maths Notebook is every useful to me. The concepts and questions in the Math Notebook helps me to understand the chapter with less difficulty. I hope that we will still use the Math Notebook to record notes. The short clips posted by Miss Loh to explain about significant figures has helped me a lot as I find it easy to understand. Thank you , Miss Loh.

    2. Sometimes I find the lessons a little fast and I cannot keep up. I could not master the speed to keep within the limited time frame .

    3. Examples and detail step by step explanation will help me to learn better.

  24. 1. I like the interactive way that we learn, especially through the maths blog, where we can discuss the various answers and solutions. The questions posted also enable us to learn from each others mistakes. Although I don't like the 6a.m. quiz, my favourite one was the one where we had the mind reader. I liked that part as we get to learn about algebra in a intriguing way. I hope to see more of this interactive and interesting ways to learn the various topics in Term 2.

    2.Some of the problems that I encountered were that I found it hard to remember the type of numbers, like real numbers, integers etc.

    3. I would like more hands-on activities as I think that they would help me to learn and remember the facts better.

  25. I agree with Mavis on the challenges..I also don't have the speed.

  26. The lessons allows to explore the various chapters via the internet. We get to do our own learning for the lessons and it is very exciting. I hope that more ICT is used in our lessons.
    The challenge to me is to grasp the skills in class and I have to practice more to grasp them.
    Practicing my skills and exploring more about the subjects would help me better.