Re: Homework

This is a gentle reminder to finish your maths assignment and hand it up to me early morning.
 Abhimanyu Arora


  1. what bout those who are receiving the prize?

  2. Those whoo are receiving the prize, you may pass the assignments to the Abhi or others before the event begins.

  3. Ms Loh, can I leave my assignments in your pigeon hole?

  4. MIss Loh,

    I have not hand up my assignment to you today as I was in involved in the photo taking of the speech day so I did not manage to pass my assignment to Abhi. May I place the assignment in your pigeon hole?I am sorry for the late hand up.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mavis Cheng

  5. Dear Ms Loh,
    I am sorry, I did not see the post in time and did not manage to submit the maths worksheet in time to your pigeon hole, can I submit it to you after the school holidays or what should I do?

    Best Reagards,
    Ryan Tan

  6. Thanks Miss Loh! :D