Learning Lesson 1 Task 2 by Lam Jiajun(13)

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  1. Jiajun

    Please refer to the Performance Task and fill in the missing information. You may take a look at what others have put up in the blog posts too.

    AS of the table, the detail descriptions (i.e. the profile) you have for the commuters is very useful when we need to make inference such as what kind of facilities do we expect in the vicinity :)

    Several columns of information are missing from the table.
    You will need to indicate the expected arrival time of each bus service.

    For the expected arrival time of the bus, you may find out from the following websites:
    (1) http://www.smrtbuses.com.sg/ebusguide/busguide.asp
    (2) http://www.sbstransit.com.sg/transport/trpt_bus_timetable.aspx

    You may assume that the first bus arrived at the expected arrival time. That would provide you with a good estimate of the expected arrival time of subsequently buses :)