Learning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Poon Jia Qi (19)

Information required:
Neighbourhood: Dover
Name of Road/ Street : Dover Road
Bus Stop number : 19081
Bus-stop Name: Opp ACS boarding school
Time Started : 11.13pm
Time Ended : 12.30pm
Bus services: 14,33,74,166,196,642

  • Based on your observation, what is the profile of the commuters during on a typical Friday, between 11.00 am to 12.30 pm
They are generally adults.
  • What are the challenges you faced during the data collection period.
Sometimes many buses came at once, making it more challenging to record the data.
  • If you were given a 2nd chance to capture data again, suggest at least ONE way to improve the process.
I would be more attentive and prepare more.

The bus stop

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  1. A comprehesive set of data collected.

    From your observation (and also the 'make-up' of the surrounding), are you able to tell us more about the profile of the commuters?

    For the first bus of service 74, you indicated not sure of the expected time. Based on what you had recorded subsequently, are you able to give a good estimation of the expected time?