Learning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Cheng Shu Yu Mavis (1)

Pending Bus Stop ( 44229)

Information required:
  • Neighbourhood  : Bukit Panjang 
  • Name of Road/ Street : Pending
  • Bus Stop number : 44229
  • Bus-stop Name : B01 Pending Rd
  • Time Started : 11.50am
  • Time Ended : 12.30pm


Bus Services 

Based on your observation, what is the profile of the commuters during on a typical Friday, between 11.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Answer : They are working adults and senior citizens.

What are the challenges you faced during the data collection period.
Answer : - I was not able to record the profile of commuters accurately .  I could not find the actual arrival time schedule on SMRT buses website.

If you were given a 2nd chance to capture data again, suggest at least ONE way to improve the process.

Answer : - I would take photos of the commuters for each bus trip so i can record the profile of the commuters much more accurately . 

Cheng Shu Yu Mavis (1) S1-01

1 comment:

  1. From the table, you have made very good observations of the profile of peopla boarding the bus. This is useful because it helps us to make inference about the location where the bus stop is situated.

    In terms of data presentation, I think it would be easier if you list each bus as a new row (instead of organising them in a row). Imagine, this is data collection for only 1.5 hours. In an event that you are required to gather data that has lots of data point, the data sheet will have to be very long (as many more columns would be needed).