eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs (Mavis)

  • Questions
  • Among the 4 graphs (Line Graph, Bar Graphs, Pictograms, Pie Charts), identify ONE graph that is NOT an appropriate choice to represent the information?

  • Ans : The Pie-Chart Graph

    • Why do you think it's not appropriate?

  • The figures on the pie-chart is rounded up so it is not accurate. The figures given are angles so the units used is rather inappropriate the present the weather data . People still  could not understand the weather data given at a glance. The coloured area does not really tells you how many places are experiencing that type of weather.

  • What makes you think the 3 remaining graphs are appropriate?
The 3 remaining graphs tells me more at a direct glance. The information is accurate and it is easier to understand in these presentations.

Cheng Shu Yu Mavis (1) S101


  1. Your reasoning is based on accuracy in representating data (due to rounding off):

    If the figures given, after calculating, result in exact figures (where no rounding off is necessary), would PIE graph still be appropriate then?

    You also mentioned that "People still could not understand the weather data given at a glance", perhaps we could look from another perspective, what kind of information could we draw out from the pie chart?

    Points to ponder...
    Does each type of graph serve a different purpose or it doesn't matter?

  2. Yes, I feel that each type of graphs serve different purposes. Line graphs shows a trend or pattern over a period of time.

  3. Hm... in that case, do you think the data in the given WEATHER scenario (based on the 'data' given in the Interactive Lab) could be well represented using a line graph?