eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Wang Ruoyu(22)

Based on your observation, what is the profile of the commuters during on a typical Friday, between 11.00 am to 12.30 pm?
ANS: They are mainly old people.

What are the challenges you faced during the data collection period.
ANS: Boredom and hunger are the challenges i had to face.
If you were given a 2nd chance to capture data again, suggest at least ONE way to improve the process.
Ans: I would come earlier and bring food and something to play with.

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  1. From the table you presented, notice that you did not indicate the expected arrival time of the bus services.

    You may find the information from the following websites:
    (1) http://www.smrtbuses.com.sg/ebusguide/busguide.asp
    (2) http://www.sbstransit.com.sg/transport/trpt_bus_timetable.aspx

    You may make an assumption that the first bus arrived on time. That would help you to work out a good estimate the expected arrival time of the subsequent buses.