eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Lovy Lim (07)

Messy Pictures, I know...

Info+Pictures Credits/Kudos to: CHELSEA~thx chel :D

Information required:
  • Neighbourhood (Woodlands)
  • Name of Road/ Street (Woodlands Ave 7)
  • Bus Stop number (47601)
  • Bus-stop Name (Woodlands Ave 7, B02A)
  • Bus Service (962,965,969)
  • Time Started (11.30AM)
  • Time Ended (12.30PM)

Based on your observation, what is the profile of the commuters during on a typical Friday, between 11.00 am to 12.30 pm?
There are many Old People and Teens boarding the buses there.

One of the problems I encountered when collecting data was: I'm Sorry I really don't know what to write since I didn't collect all these Info myself.But one problem I did encounter was that Chelsea's Information was all in a JPEG format,which meant I had to type everything out again in a Numbers File.And had to screenshot the Pictures in her post too.Finding someone in class to borrow info was hard so I decided to walk out of the class and into S1-07.I think one thing i might want to do if I ever did this myself,is that I will try to get permission to take pictures of EVERY SINGLE bus that drives to my bus stop(hopefully less buses).<(¯˘ ¯)>


  1. Hi Lovy

    Understand the challenges you face when you were to there to collect the data personally. On the other hand, since you have found a 'live' source, you can clarify information further with Chelsea :)

    For instance, it's mentioned there are many "Old People and Teens"... does that tally with the observation recorded on the spreadsheet she has posted up?

    At this hour of the day, where are these people likely heading to? Or are we able to infer from their physical look (without asking them?)

    The expected bus arrival time is left blank.

    BTW, which bus service numbers are you trying to get? I think NR2 is not choice because it only operates from 11.30 pm (over the midnight). Check out the info at http://www.smrtbuses.com.sg/ebusguide/busguide.asp

    What other bus service numbers do you think would be good choices?

  2. Lovy(Lazy to log in to Crest Tan)3/27/2011 10:21:00 PM

    erm...no offence ms loh...i dont even know what is NR2...i though it was a bus number :/ and i really dont know how to use the website to check AIYO nvmnvm i shall ask someone to teach me...so do i need to re-edit??

  3. @Lovy: NR2 is somekind of weekend bus service. To make it easier, do you know what are the bus services available at the bus stop nearest to your home? It might eb easier to zoom in from that :)

  4. Lovy(still lazy to login to Crest&#39;s account)3/27/2011 11:21:00 PM

    erm...what is a bus service?i thought buses only came in normal numbers like 185 or 189 or 106 or something???for my region it was starting with '9'...oh yes,why do we only need to choose ONE bus service number out of so many that we will see???ARGH I DONT GET THE SINGAPORE'S BUS SYSTEM!!!i want to do MRT like last year sec 1s :'(

  5. @Lovy: Bus service is just referring to the various Bus numbers that are available at the bus stop nearest to your home.