Chapter 4: Algebra - An Introduction...

In algebra, we make friends with variables & constants... Who are they? How do they look like? Let's get to know VARIABLES first...

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  1. From the class discussion, we agreed that...

    (a) The area covered by the garden is CONSTANT

    (b) The number of people who visit the garden each day is a VARIABLE

    (c) The amount of sunlight that falls on the garden each day is a VARIABLE - the amount of sunlight is beyond our control. One suggestion was to 'cut off' all the sunlight, however, that would mean the plants would not survive :)

    (d) The number of hours the garden is open each day is a CONSTANT. We shall not factor in special occasions such as extended opening hours because of special celebrations like anniversary celebration.

    (e) The amount of water in the pond is a VARIABLE.

    (f) The amount of plant food the gardeners use each week is a VARIABLE. It seems like the amount of food would be constant, however, plants grow over time and therefore it requires different amount of nutrients at different stages of growth.

    (g) How much money each person pays to visit the garden is a CONSTANT. It would not take into account days when it's declared "free" admission or admission at a discounted rate on special occasions.

    (h) The length of the path through the garden is CONSTANT.

    (i) The number of bees in the garden is CONSTANT.

    (j) The amount of rain that falls on the garden each day is a VARIABLE.