(8 March 2011) What's up today?

Dear S1-01
On your own, complete the following, attempt the tasks on the following posts

1. (8 March 2011) Chapter 4: Vocabulary in Algebra [est. 10 min]
Yesterday, we discussed how to recognise an expression and an equation, and how different they are.
Go through the post and find out what does "coefficient" mean?
Attempt the Hangman activity (if you have the time)

2. (8 March 2011) Chapter 4: Saying it Algebraically [est. 10 min]
Attempt the questions. This will be captured in a Googleform.
The asnwers reflected in the Googlespreadsheet will be revealed by the end of the day (within the same post).

3. (8 March 2011) Chapter 4: Evaluation of Algebraic Expressions [est. 10 min]
Try this game ~ to see if you could help the postman to deliver all the letters :)
Do NOT use calculator.

4. (8 March 2011) Chapter 4: From Numbers to Algebra... [est. 30 min]
Attempt these word problems.
Do NOT use calculator.

5. Attempt the following THINKING QUESTIONS as Home Play:
We shall discuss the responses to the above when we meet on Thursday.

Yesterday's Home Play: Chapter 4: Algebra... Reading Your Mind
Nina has submitted 2 explanations that unveiled the mystery behind FIDO's prediction.
Check out her inputs :)
Ms Loh

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