(8 March 2011) Chapter 4: Algebra... What it means...

The total monthly cost of running a factory is $(800x + 4500), where x is the number of odd job workers employed.
(a) Find the cost of running the factory in a particular month in which 15 odd job workers were employed.
(b) Give a possible interpretation of the numbers 800 and 4500.

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Source: Discovering Mathematics Workbook (p21)


  1. a) $(800*15+4500)=$57000
    b)They are the constants of the expression... I think...

  2. a)$12000
    b)800 is probably the salary of each worker,which is $800.
    4500 is probably the cost of maintainence for the machines and its bills.

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  4. Mark :) :( :'( (^^^) :D :O :42: O:) :p 3:)3/08/2011 12:19:00 PM

    a) $(800x15) + $4500= $16500

    b) 800 is a coefficient while 4500 is a constant.

  5. a)$800 x 15 = $12000
    $12000 + 4500 = $16500
    b)$800 might be the pay of the workers and $4500 might be the cost of maintaining the factory.

  6. Mark :) :( :'( (^^^) :D :O :42: O:) :p 3:)3/08/2011 12:22:00 PM


    b) $800 is the pay of each worker while $4500 is to maintain the equipment and such

  7. a. $(800*15+4500)=$12000
    b. 800 is a coefficient while 4500 is a constant which are the money used to paid for the electricity bills, maintenance fees and spent on other stuffs.

    I'm Gladys

  8. a) ($800 x 15 + $4500)= $16 500
    b) 800 could be the salary of the workers and 4500 may be the other costs for necessities.

  9. a)$(800(15)+4500)=$16500
    b)4500 is the constant and 800 is the coefficient of x

  10. a) $800x15+$4500=$16500
    b)$800 is the salary for the workers and $4500 is the other expenditure of the factory. They are both constant values and the expenditure of the factory.

  11. a) $800 x 15 + $4500 = $16500
    b) 800 is the coefficient and is multiplied by x while $4500 is the constant which does not change and it is used to pay material costs and bills.

  12. Chan Shawn Kit3/08/2011 12:28:00 PM

    1) ($800x15)+$4500
    2)800=Salary of 1 foreign worker per month
    4500=Maintenance of the factory

  13. (a)cost=15*800+4500=16500
    (b)x is the cost of hiring odd job workers and 4500 is the money spent on other things in the factory.

  14. a)(800*15)+4500=16500
    b)$800 is the salary of teh workers and $4500 is maintanence

  15. (a) $800*15+4500 = $12000+$4500
    = $16500
    (b) 800 is the salary and 4500 is the extra costs.

  16. (a)$800×15+$4 500=$16 500

    (b)800 is the pay of each odd job worker in one month. 4 500 is used for the maintenance of the factory.


  17. (a) $(800*15+4500)=$16 500
    (b) 800 is the monthly salary of each odd job worker. 4500 is the cost of maintenance, electrical bills, etc.

  18. (a)$16500
    (b)$800 could be the pay of each odd job worker while $4500 could be used in improving the factory's facilities or whatever.

  19. a) $(800*15+4500)=$(12000+4500)

    b) The number 800 may be the salary of individual odd job workers and the number 4500 is the expenses to maintain and run the factory.

  20. (a) $(800 x 15 +4500)
    =$(12 000 + 4500)
    =$16 500

    (b)I think that the $800 is the cost to hire one worker for one month, and the $4500 is the cost to maintain the factory.

  21. @Yi Chieh @Mark @Kai En:
    Notice that you were trying to describe what the numbers mean mathematically :) Good attempt.

    On the other hand, the question asked for INTERPRETATION, which means explain these numbers in the context given.

    Hence, like most of indicated, $800 is the cost to hire one worker while $4500 is the maintenance/ operating cost of the factory (which could include electricity bill, rental)

    To all: The value to the 1st part is correct :)

  22. a)$16500
    b)800 is the salary per month of each worker while 4500 is the cost of maintaining the factory.

  23. [a] $800x15 + 4500= $16500
    [b] $800 is probably the salary of the workers and $4500 could be the miscellaneous fees.