Real Numbers: Activity - Putting them in ORDER by Ze Specs

The above video is a bit of unclear, please do see the other group's video to get a clearer information.
So an explanation is needed. Hence, here is the explanation.
1) Convert the integers to the same type of number: Fraction, percentage or decimals.
2) In this case, we use decimals. So after converting, we will compare each number and find out the biggest one. In this case, 100% is the largest one.
3) Line up the numbers in ascending order from left to right.
4) So in between the numbers, place the bigger and smaller sign.
**Hard reminder: Do make it represent that the number on the right is larger than the number on the left.
That is the explanation.
thank you.....

Ze Specs

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  1. @Ze Specs

    The sound has been turned off.
    Please reload the clip that comes with sound otherwise we are unable to hear what Yi Chieh was trying to explain.