Number Line: What's wrong?


  1. Diagram 1 how did the other side come out
    Diagram 2: Can!!

  2. Diagram 1: The number line is too long
    Diagram 2: Yes.We should consider the number range.

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  4. dg 1.the number line is not joint

    dg,we can not.
    the considerations:a joint number line.

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  5. 1st mistake- He did not use a the lines are not straight
    2nd mistake-He wrote all the numbers and needed a long time to write down all the numbers so instead he/she should just skip some numbers to the answer...
    3nd mistake- The intervals between numbers should be the same length as the difference is the same, only 1.Instead, the "ugly" one has different sizes of intervals.

  6. 1.The line should be connected together and it is not straight.The peron should use a ruler and make the gaps smaller to fit more numbers in.
    2.The person should put the numbers in intervals of 10 or more in one gap so that we can fit more numbers for the same amount of gaps and space.

  7. 1st Diagram : The number line is not joined together . The intervals are not equal . We could shorten the number line by counting the numbers in tens so that we can join the lines together .
    2nd Diagram : The intervals are not joined . We should count the numbers in tens or hundreds when drawing a 'long' number line.

  8. The number line in the 1st diagram is not drawn with a ruler, the gaps between each number is not equal and the number line is divided into 2.

    We can improve the number line in the 1st diagram by using a ruler to draw it, divide the number line into equal parts, and make sure that the line is only 1 straight line.

    For the 2nd diagram, I think that we can express the long number line in that manner

  9. Ying Liang said...
    1st Diagram:The number line is fully drawn but in the end as there is no space , he/her(most possibly he) he joined it with a arrow.The gap in between is not equal and the number line is not straight.

    2nd Diagram:NIL

  10. For the 1st diagram, the line is curved and it snakes around making it had to read.The numbers are also small and quite hard to read.

    For the 2nd diagram, the gap in the line does not allow us to see beyond positive and negative 4. Putting 301 at the end is quite inpratical as it is useless. The gap behind 4 is too big.

  11. The line is not straight, the two lines are not connected, there are no units on the number line longer number line and the intervals between each digit is not equal. That person should make the number line straight and make sure there is equal intervals between the numbers.

    We can represent a 'long' number line in that manner. We should consider if the number line is too extensive so we can fit the whole number line in the paper.

  12. a) The number line is not connected/drawn together. The line is also not drawn straight. The person should use a ruler to draw the line and should represent the 'long' number in the manner of diagram 2. We can also seperate the numbers by putting them into seperate groups such as 0,10,20...

    b)Yes, we can. The dots represent the number in-between the numbers on the right and left. The line must be straight and if the numbers are in seperate groups, there should be a gap in-between the numbers.

  13. 1st number line : The number line is not straight, he/she used arrows to join same number lines which were on different lines. He/she also puts signs on the number line which he/she does not explain why or what are they for. There is also a separate number line for temperature(??)

    He/she can improve by using a ruler to draw a straight line. He can also label the number lines by stating what are they for.

    2nd number line: There is such a long gap between the number (4) to the last (301).

  14. 1st Diagram:The number line is not neat and is not expressed clearly. The intervals between the numbers are not in similar sizes. The line is not straight too.
    Improvement: Use a ruler while drawing the number line and space out the temperature evenly.
    2nd Diagram: I think we can represent this way. We should make sure that spacing are even and draw the number line using a ruler. The numbers should be written out clearly. The whole number line should be clear.

  15. -The number line is not straight as it was not drawn with a ruler, making the intervals in between the number lines not straight. Hence, the line is not accurate, we can improve the line graph by drawing it with a ruler. He/She should not continue a number line with a arrow, we can label the number lines in multiple of 2,3,4 and 10, etc to make the number line shorter.

    -Yes, the .... represent that the numbers in between the number line is constant.

  16. Diagram 1: we can improve it by the line should be constant and not linked and continued by an arrow. The gaps not very equal.

    Diagram: probably can draw a "long" number line in this manner. When drawing number lines, we have to make sure that the space between each line should be approximately about the same.

  17. Diagram 1: The intervals are not similar in length.
    Diagram2: Sure we can

  18. Diagram 1) The line is not straight.
    The spacing between each number is not equal.
    He should use a ruler to help him in his drawing and he should measure the number line.

    Diagram 2) Yes we can.

  19. 1st line: The line is not straight and the markings are not equally spaced out, making it extremely messy. Added on to that, the arrows pointing at the continuation of the number line, the random cross and the other part of the number line pointing in the opposite direction of the other is very confusing, and makes the whole paper chaotic.

    2nd line; We could just plainly put an arrow at the end instead of putting dots and -301 and 301 at both ends THEN putting the arrows. This is because the gaps will make it less neat and make it not look like a number line.

  20. Diagram 1: The lines are not straight. He/she can use a ruler to draw the line.

  21. BTWFYI, Nemo is Owen...
    The second line can be used if the numbers are too long... but the 0 must be shown to separate negative and positive numbers.


  22. 1st Diagram: The student continued the timeline under the same timeline when there is no space. The arrows did not meet the cross at the end. There is too much difference in the space between some intervals and of some others. The line is not straight.
    2nd Diagram: It can be done this way.
    We must make sure we have some intervals so the reader will understand the pattern before we start using the dots.

  23. (1)You can't use ºC on a number line. You can improve it by putting ºC at the side of the number line in brackets.
    (2)Yes, we can. They should be equally spaced.

  24. 1st Diagram:The number line is not drawn in a single line.
    We can improve it by writing all the numbers in a single line
    2nd Diagram: It can be done this way.
    We should write some numbers in between the dots.
    -ruoyu -ZE SPECS

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  26. Diagram 1) The number line should not be this long and it is too squashed together. The spaces between two lines are also not very equal to each other. The numbers are also not very clearly written out.
    The person who drew the number line should use a ruler, put the numbers out equally and put the units at the side.

    Diagram 2) Yes, we can. We should consider if the number line has equal intervals, if the number line is clear to the reader and if it makes sense.


  27. Diagram 1 : The number line is broken up into two parts .It is not neat.The line is not straight.

    The person should use a ruler to draw the line.Instead of writing out the whole sequence of numbers , we can replace all the numbers at each point with multiples so the number line will be shorter.

    Diagram 2: Yes,we could.We should draw a suitable part of the number line for understanding . The number line should be drawn neatly so people can understand that it is a short form of a number line.