Maths Assignment 1 (24 Jan - 28 Jan 2011)

This assignment was issued on 24 January.
Handcopy was given to all on 24 January, while softcopy was available in the GoogleSite (S1-01 page).

This is a graded assignment where marks would be taken into account for the CA (as explained at the end of Term 1 Week 2; also reflected in the curriculum information page i the GoogleSite).

It is one's responsibility to check for any piece of work to be done (from his/her classmates) even if one is absent from the school.
Failure to submit the work on time would result in penalty if scores.

Up to 2 Feb 2011, work from the following was not received:
(1) Ishani (2) Shawn Kit (3) Wei Siew (4) Ruoyu

Parents would be contacted if work is received from by 7 February 9 am.

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