HOME PLAY: End-of-Term 1 Week 6

1. Real Numbers - Assignment 1
Date Due: 18 February 2011 (Friday) 
Deadline to be followed strictly else there would be penalty to your score.
Tier A & Tier B are compulsory; Make an attempt to do Tier C (which most of you should be capable of).

2. Online Activities @ Maths Blog
Activity 1: What does it mean to us?
Activity 2: Groups of which postings are not put up yet (Domo-kun and Mac Spicy)
Activity 3: Let's examine the patterns! (Investigative activity on Multiplication of Integers)

It will resume on 12 February 6 am.
Answers will be released on 14 February 6 am.
Submissions after the above deadline will not be awarded with points.
All must attempt.

4. Preparation for Week 7
We'll be moving into the 4 operations of Integers (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Combined Operations) on Monday. Go through the exercises on your own:
  • Textbook: Chapter 2
    • Exercise 2.2 (Basic Practice, Further Practice, Maths@Work)
    • Exercise 2.3 (Basic Practice, Further Practice, Maths@Work)
  •  Workbook: Chapter 2
    • Basic Practice: No. 1 to No. 10
    • Further Practice: No. 11 to 13
Try the above on your own.
If you come across any questions you are not sure how to tackle, send me an email or submit a comment at this post.


  1. Ms Loh, I haven't collect my math workbook so I can't do the questions allocated in the math workbook. So,what should I do?

  2. Ms Loh, I left my math textbook in the locker, but I have my workbook. If possible, can you type out some of the questions in the comments so that I can attempt the question? Thanks. :)

  3. Ms Loh, I do not understand question 2 and 3 can you please explain them to me.

    Matthew Yap

  4. Dear Ms Loh,
    the last question of the assignment 3...
    I don't really know how to do...
    Please do go through that question.
    Thank you so much~
    yours faithfully,
    Wang Yi Chieh

  5. Hi Miss Loh,
    Do we have to explain how we got the answer for q13 for Maths Assignment 3?
    Gladys :D