The "WholeNumbers" that we know...

What/ How can we use the whole numbers?
-Counting objects/ people
-Passwords/ Codes for safe box/ accounts
Where can we use the whole numbers?
-In school when solving maths problems
Who uses whole numbers?
Why do we use whole numbers?
-Convenient and easier to count objects
-Can be used to name objects
What if there is no whole numbers?
-Objects will be counted in a complicated way (eg, fractions/ decimals)

By: Gladys, Qianhui, Matthew

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  2. If there are no whole numbers then we cant tell each other easily how much of something we want. With whole numbers it is easier to tell each other the physical quantity we want

  3. How can you define whole numbers? The only mention is that if there were no whole numbers, counting would be much difficult eg.( fractions, decimals ). And how would it be more convenient and easier to count objects? And is in school solving maths problem the only place where we use whole numbers?