The "Percentage" that we know

            Percentage is used when there is a sale and something is on sale and we want to find the price before or after, for example, a bag of apples costs $1.00 dollars before the sale and after 50% off, it costs $0.50 cents.
            Secondly, percentage can be used in stock markets by stock holders to find out the profit and the lost of money.
            In banks, the people who want to save money will have to consider if the interest rate (which is in percentage) is an appropriate rate before they transfer the money into the account.
            On most food packaging, there is a label which has a Nutrition Facts table. In the table, there are percentages of the amount of fats, saturated fats, sugar, iron, sodium, cholesterol, calcium, etc. These percentages can help those who are controlling the amount of fats, etc.,  know which foods to eat.
            We can also know how much we are charged for GST in restaurants by using percentage.
                                     Generally, percentage is a really useful thing to have.

Done by: Ishani & Nina


  1. you left out "what" as you did not really explain what is percentage , for example you did not tell us that percentage should be over 100%