The 'Money,Measure,Mensuration' we know.

What: Money can be applied in purchasing and selling things/ Measurement can be used to indicate and finding out the size, length, area of an object.
Where: Money can be used in shops, eateries and accounting departments/ Measurement can be used in carpentries, factories, building sites, and home
When: Money can be used when purchasing and selling things and accounts./ Measurements can be used when sculpting, measuring objects, planning and DIY.
Who: Money used by salespeople, businessman and accountants./ Measurements can be used by sculptors, workers.
Why: Money is used because it is easier to use some form of currency to purchase something than trading or bartering, which must be used on the spot./Measurement is used because it would be easier to show the size of items and to find lengths of things.


  1. Mensuration is not included inside the post.
    The rest is fine.

  2. "What" can be improved by saying what money is, rather than what it is used for because it makes the "what" sentence almost the same as the "when" sentence.