HOME PLAY: 2011, January 20

We revisited the "Do-to-Ti" exercised.

Please ensure you have looked into the following when describing the family of numbers:

  • Any patterns in terms of odd or even?
  • Is there any prime numbers amongst the numbers given?
  • What are the common factors amongst these numbers? How do you find them?
  • What is the Highest Common Factor (HCF) amongst these numbers? How do you find them?
  • What is the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) amongst these numbers? How do you find them?
    • If the answer for LCM is too huge, express it in index notation.
Hand-in the work to the group leader, who will in turn pass to the Maths Rep.
Deadline: 21 January 2011, by noon.

Absentee: Matthew Yap.
Domo-kun: Please inform Matthew of what needs to be done.


  1. May I know how to find out the index notation for 283 946 702 400?

  2. @DNL

    Trace the steps before getting the final answer
    How did you find LCM? Did you use the long division method?
    What did you use at the left columns?

  3. Ms Loh, if we want to find out the HCF and LCM, then add the 3 numbers, then do we have to do the HCF and LCM all over again? Or else the 3 numbers won't fit the criteria.

  4. @ Johathan

    The 3 numbers are to be added to the Family after you have finished describing all the relationships of the given set of numbers.

    You need not to find the LCM or HCF that includes these numbers anymore :)