HOME PLAY: 2011, January 18

1. Complete the "Do" to "Ti" tasks in Maths 1
Group leaders, please collect and hand it Maths Rep.
Maths Rep: Leave the books in your class shelf (outside the staff room)

2. Research Project: Ancient Numerals
On your own, form groups of 3-4 to do the research project.
Submit your group and name to Maths Rep.
Create a GoogleSite for this project. You may all members as owners.
Invite me to your GoogleSite and assign "owner" right to me, too.

Deadline of this project is 28 January 2011

Absentees: Ryan & Ishani
Group leaders, please inform the absentees on the work we did in class (Maths notebook), as well as the tasks to complete.

With regards
Ms Loh