Group Challenge: Q17 (by Milo)

Question 17:
(a) Find the smallest possible value of
(i) a whole number y if it leaves a remainder of 3 when divided by 5, 6 or 9
(ii) a whole number z if it leaves a remainder of 2 when divided by 4, 5 or 6

(b) Hence, calculate the
(i) HCF of y and z
(ii) LCM of y and z


  1. haizzz no eye contact from abhi and lovy

  2. Its the same as reading the paper u can juz let us read the paper

  3. yi de dun sabo our own group larh

  4. It was pretty messy at the beginning as everyone was speaking and interrupting, there was no coordination. Mark was too soft. Lovy spoke loud and clear :).

  5. Abhi.Got.No.Eye.Contact.:((((((((((

    BTWFWI,I am Ishani

  6. Good, but not very organized at first.

    Lam Jiajun- :)

  7. Ahbi keeps interrupting Mark and Ahbi keeps looking at the paper.
    Mark pronounces clearly but needs to slightly louder. Lovy keeps looking at the paper... The words on the paper is too small to be seen. Their own group teammates interrupted them.

    Why did you write the ladder so small?
    Why did you divide by 31? (17b ii )

  8. Why in the world is Ahbi and Mark fighting over talking????

    They cannot co-ordinate properly... Why are they using the right method for the wrong question..

  9. Abhi loves to 枪镜头...

    Mac Spicy~~~

  10. Abhi is interrupting Mark when he is doing,causing me to not hear clearly to what Mark said. Lovy talks very clearly and it is a good things. Abhi keeps talking to the paper,and he also blocked the paper,so i cannot see the workings. Owen seemed to be more clear about what the group is doing even he is not presenting. The workings are too small to be seen.

  11. There is not that much eye contact from them, more would be better.

  12. The vocal part is quite good . But their speeches are like overlapping each other. Abhi keeps interrupting .